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Web Services

Web Page Design:

One Page with up to seven pictures or graphics, counter and guest book
Multiple pages, main page
Each Additional Page
Bulletin Board or Message Board

Web Site Hosting Our Sites**

One page, one year on one of our sites* i.e.
Multiple pages, first page*
Each additional page*
Banner on one of our sites, linking to your site, per year*


* includes page design

Web Hosting Service

Registration with Internic* i.e. Http://
Server Setup
Monthly Hosting, includes 150 meg storage, 10 POP e-mail accounts,
FTP, Front Page Extensions, one gig transfer etc...
Yearly Hosting, pay for 10 months get two months free


* For new domains, price includes registration for the first 2 years and setup, after two years $35.00 per year charged by Internic

** Sites we currently own:,,,,

Canyon Country Computer Consultants
1224 County Road 114, Valley Head, Fort Payne, Al 35989
(256) 657-5428

A few of the sites we have designed and hosted:

Town of Mentone 
City of Fort Payne
City of Rainsville
Rex Miller Roofing
DeKalb County Revenue Commissioner
T & D Socks
DeKalb County Tourist Association
KenMar Farms
Little River Volleyball Association
DeKalb County Children's Advocacy Center
"Eclipse" Band
Fort Payne Fire Department
Mount Carmel Baptist Church
Pine Ridge Baptist Church
Desoto State Park

Canyon Country Computer Consultants
1224 County Road 114
Valley Head, Alabama 35989
(256) 657-5428 or (256) 845-2270

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If you build your own web site here's a neat little javascript that generates meta tags.

Site Description
(more descriptive the better)

Up to 10 Keywords
(separated with spaces)

Here is your META - tag coding.
Put it in the HEAD of your HTML document.

Do you want a presence on the world wide web?
Do you want your business associated with the Rainsville, Mentone, Fort Payne or Bear Bryant name? i.e. WWW.RAINSVILLE.COM/YOUR_BUSINESS
or do you want your own name on the internet to help your business grow? i.e. WWW.YOUR_BUSINESS.COM
We can build your site and host it under one of our Domains for as little as $250.00 per year.
Or if you need your own domain we can help you with that also, with our hosting service starting as low as $29.95 per month.
Our server has a one hop T-3 line access to the backbone of the internet.
If you want to stay current with the latest trends in marketing and stay competitive in today's economy, then the internet is a
necessity. Let us help you with your business needs today.
We also do individual web pages to get your family's presence on the web.
Contact us today.


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